Mold and Dies

Our experience in molds and dies manufacturing for automotive industry, medical equipment, farming equipment, and electrical industry since 1989 More

Plastic Injection

We have many kinds of tonnage of Plastic Injection Machines. Our Machines are made in Europe and Japan with a kidn of various tonnage of 35 tons t More

Product Development

We support you as partner in engineering field. We assist you in developing ideas, concepts, and analysis of your product. We will make your idea More

Metal Stamping

We also produces stamping products for mass production. Our fine-stamping products quality have been recognized by consumers from Europe. More

Alu Die Casting

Our engineers have the expertise in the field of die casting for automotive products. we have made some die casting parts and components for motor More

Jig Fixtures and Precision Parts

We are your best choice to be a partner to assist your needs in the manufacture of spare parts. We can assist you in analyzing the right materials. More

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